Ok, so apparently one is never so popular as when one disappears. One might even say one is as popular as ever when one disappears. One could also say one is also incapable of referring to oneself in the first person when one disappears. One could.

So…uh…..ok…. so I have a new blog because way too many people were emailing me going “WHERE ARE YOU!?!?!?!?”

And since I’m a ridiculous softie and cry during fabric softener commercials, I thought I would have a public blog again. (I bruise like a peach, too!)

So, no, you can’t see my old blog. That’s just for the gramps and the rents and the close buds. What you CAN see is this blog. I know…I’m so mean! But in order to make up for it, you get all my designs for free!



Well almost all of them….

See, there’s been a bit of a secret brewing for the past few weeks and the pot is about to boil over, people. Seriously.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about (it’s ok…no one else does, either!) check this out:


Tomorrow is the big day! And like all great things, there are still a bajillion things that need to get done….not really…I just like to build tension! Someone has to keep you on your toes!