Things just never seem to settle down anymore! 🙂

Even though I took a long weekend (completely internet free) with my family, the amount of things waiting for me when I got back is enormous!  But since it’s all fabulous, happy stuff I probably shouldn’t complain, right?

Over on the Ave.,  the sales keep climbing and I cannot believe we still have 3 more weeks. How did we get to be so blessed?

I am planning on re-releasing at least 1 of my older kits this Friday…I’ve been inundated with requests for it so I think it’s only fair. Although, I need to revamp it. Nobody wants to download a freebie and giddily unzip it only to find a poop sandwich.  So I need to get to work on that, answer a bajillion lovely emails (no, really, they’re all lovely!), and get ready for all the family stuff. Yikes! 🙂

Oh! And Mer made this awesome blinkie! Since we’re past the debut date, she made a new one for everyone to snag and help support the site..


So if you’d like to sport it, we’d be tickled pink! 🙂

I guess that’s it for today…I need to get going, gotta take the kids to Kindermusik, ballet, and then cook dinner. Ciao! 🙂