So freakin excited right now! I’ve been given the green light to buy my dream laptop! I’ve been saving for almost a year and a half and now I have PA-lenty! I can go all-out bonkers if I want to! :0)

Now for the fun part…searching for the perfect one…it’s like buying a new car! EEEEEEK!!! I am soooo excited!! I’m gonna go with a 17 inch (oooooh, that’s mighty big….) monitor and at least 2 gigs of ram…after that, the sky’s pretty much the limit. AND I think the biggest decision will be if I wanna switch to a MAC or not…but I have to hurry up and decide! Any suggestions? This is going to be my main computer…for work (Photoshop, Songbird Avenue, Oscraps, and “market research”) All those other digi designers know that “market research” was coined a couple of days ago to replace “shamefully chatting in forums and buying crap we don’t need”. :0)

So even though I am excited about that, I’m even more excited about a new (again) kit that will be available today at Oscraps! I’ve decided to re-release Comic Junkie first…and then some more of my ‘vintage’ stuff will be released slowly but surely. :0) If you even know about my older kits, you can thank all the loverlies who hounded me persistently to re-release them. They’re good, people! ;0) comicjunkeblogpreview.jpg

So hopefully this will be available in a few minutes…we’ve got a new way of uploading freebies at Oscraps that makes it SUPER easy for you! You download directly from the checkout or anything, if I’m correct. :0) One more reason to love that place!

Also, I have to flaunt my one of my dearest scrap friends..Liz Lee. If you don’t know about her, it’s a cryin’ shame, y’all! She has the most beautiful and sophisticated papers and elements!


Isn’t it gorgeous?!?! I’ve totally begged her for a CT spot! Seriously, I have to eat through a straw cuz I broke my jaw when it hit the floor. You can buy the kit HERE.

AAAAAND…we’ve raised over $2000 in donations over on the Ave. People…you freakin rock. Everyday I pinch myself and wonder just how in the heck our community rocks like it does. YOU ROCK! So as a little way of saying thank you, there’s a fun little thingamajig happening over on the Songbird blog…ya just might wanna check it out!

Ciao! :0)