We tend to be a bit lazy on the weekends…I admit we love to sleep in, make ridiculously huge breakfasts and we definitely take our time getting out of the house. Wait…or is that Sunday? Well, either way, that’s how we spend our weekends. Very lazy and relaxed, unless we’re traveling. LOL….now that’s a completely different weekend creature!

I made a couple more layouts in the last few days. :0)


SMJ GUEST CT: Shabby Miss Jenn asked us to make a layout for the Guest CT spot, so this is what I came up with and I have to say “Me Likey!” CREDITS


I LOVE YOU SO MUCH: This one was for Meredith Fenwick’s August newsletter, which is absolutely amazing! SIGN UP FOR IT HERE. I love that I get to help her with that! CREDITS


THE DRESS-UP BOX: Took this photo of Noodle and I really wanted to scrap it. 🙂 SMJ make sit SO EASY to shabbify your layouts…the fabric flowers are rockin’! CREDITS


GREEK ESPRESSO: This one is for the 47th digi dare at http://www.thedigidares.com. I love the way this one turned out, too! CREDITS

So, that’s it for the layouts. 🙂 Man, it feels so good to scrap again! As for today, we’re taking Lara, the eldest princess, downtown to get her ears pierced. We promised her we’d do it for her birthday, but we’ve been awful parents and we’ve let our chaotic life get in the way and we have committed some SERIOUS procrastination. So, today’s the day. I know she’s 50% excited and 50% terrified. Mia has expressed a wish to have it done, too, but I dont’ know if the boutique will let her. The kiddos have to be 6 and she’s just 4 point 5. We’ll ask, though…nothin’ a little fibbin’ couldn’t fix. ;0)

In other daughterlicious news, the Noodle and I are dancing to “Breakin’ Dishes” by Rihanna. This little cutie is just now starting to shake her rump and swing her body and sing. It is the cutest thing eva! Alright, we’ve gotta get dressed….and Noodle just dumped marbles all over the living room rug. LOL…so yeah, I’m out. :0)