There seems to be a bit of a weird thing going on over here on ye olde blog. Yesterday I had the most views I have EVER had on this blog…almost double my normal views and only FIVE of you commented! Only five!! Why so shy, peeps!??! :0)

So, to say “thank you” to those 5 (hee hee) who did comment, I am sending each of you a $25 gift certificate to the Shabby Shoppe. Look for those in your inbox soon and enjoy them! :0)

Moving right along, I got an awesome email this morning that had some gorgeous goodies in it but I’m only allowed to play with them (and play I did!!) and I will get to post what I made later on when I get the green light…just wait til you see what I got to tinker with. It’s GORGEOUS!!

So, since I can’t show you those layouts, here are 2 others. One I did yesterday and one I did after I attacked the “secret” stuff with my mouse. :0)





Last night we went downtown and walked through a huge park and took photos and let the girls run around and we also let Lara take some photos. We’re thinking about giving her a camera of her own. She is very interested in photography. 🙂 She took the one of Mia and me…we were instructed to be “goofy” so this was the best I could come up with. :0) I usually resort to tickles anyway.

I guess that’s it for today. Still going strong with the vegan thing, but man, this is tough. I was craving salami the other day and when my mind gets going, it’s a bit hard to squash any thoughts I have running through there. If you could peek into my ear and see the inside of my head, you’d see a big salami in there. I am a dork. :0)