I did it. I blipped. I caved in and ate a cream sauce. sigh….

BUT in order to rectify the situation, I made a massive vegan dinner and ate guilt-free. Man, I am so pissed at myself. And it’s not like I was craving it…I was just being lazy and petulant and didn’t want to order a garden salad. UGH. Anyway, here’s what we had…talk about yummy. 🙂


We had steamed artichokes, homemade pita chips, storebought seasoned artichoke hearts & olives & sundried tomatoes, garlic & sundried tomato hummus, fresh corn off the cob with cumin and lime, and fresh guac. We ate til we were deliriously happy. The cookathon followed the inevitable pre-school shopathon. Lara’s school supply list is offensively long and quite a pretty penny. For some reason, here in Germany, they have the most expensive backpacks I have ever seen. Her backpack cost more than her supplies (which were a slap in the face). Top it all off, we will only be here a few more weeks. Absolutely insane. So we were shopping all day long. Lara is on cloud freakin nine, though. She is a bit like me, I think, and she enjoys doing tedious things like making labels and neatly organizing all her crap…and checking and rechecking lists, etc.


At the time this photo was taken, it was probably the third time she had unpacked and then repacked her backpack. She’s a bit excited. hee hee

Mia was feeling a bit left out, though. So we bought her watercolors, a pad, a portfolio and some new brushes. That perked her right up. In fact, as soon as I handed them to her to say they were for her, she shouted, “Let’s go home right now!!” After I said no, she proceeded to sulk for the duration for the shopping trip mumbling “I wanna go home and paint.”

And while I was labeling enough junk to start a stationery shop, Mia asked me to put her name on her paintbrushes. So, then I labeled all of Mia’s stuff, too. This is an OCD person’s dream….“Here, Jan…label this.” Good times.


Then Lara decided she wanted to snap some photos around the living room.


So that was our day in a nutshell. Lots of running around and slaving over delicious tapas and cash flowing from the very pores of our beings. Good times.

Hey, uh…..you gonna label that? :0)