When I think of good hearts, one of the first people to come to mind is my dear friend, Kim. She is the ultimate care-giver, tour guide, and hostess. She radiates goodness, kindness, fairness and she is wicked funny. This morning she melted my heart by what she said on her blog about paying it forward and it got me thinking…what more can I do? How can I help others? Then as I was checking the Songbird emails, it hit me. We have received a few emails asking for help with charitable organizations. I wish, with all my heart, that we could donate to every one of them. I wish there were more months in the year, more time in my day, and gobs more mulah in my pocket for me to donate. I’m just one person, ya know?

The one thing I haven’t done concerning these emails is to try and help more on a personal level. Even though I can’t guarantee everyone a feature spot on the Ave., what’s stopping me from using every outlet and voice at my disposal to help them? Absolutely nothing, that’s what. So, I would like to introduce you to some charities that I have been told about in hopes that you can help me help them.

Histiocytosis Association of America thank you, Jodie! :0)

Love Without Boundaries thank you, Elaine! :0)

Scrapping 4 Inclusion thank you, Laurie! :0)

I hope you will check them out and possibly make a donation. It’s the least we can do. Some people spend their entire lives, free time, and extra money to put themselves out in the world as beacons for care and love. What’s a few dollars out of our pockets? Not much, actually…not when you look at in single donations. But, together….oh it gets my heart rate up just thinking about the things we can do. This is exactly what Songbird Avenue is about…using what we know about this tight-knit scrapping industry and using our voices and connections to help those in need reach way beyond their own grasp. That is a precious, precious thing. It is the one way we can keep the cycle of giving alive. Just don’t let it stop.

I want to ask everyone who stops by here today to help pay a kindness forward. Make someone’s day, lift someone up, donate to charity, stop for a second to help someone in need. I guarantee that if you, yourself, are in a bad place right now, this will be one sure way to help yourself as well. There are few things more rewarding than giving of yourself to others.

Today, I made a donation to Love Without Boundaries and I had a play date at my house for some parents who are looking for work and were stuck at the school waiting, along with all the other antsy parents, for the kiddos to “meet ‘n greet”. That gave them 6 kid-free hours to job hunt and that made me feel so good to help them.

I truly hope everyone who reads this is having a good day. I feel like I have been overly emotional and corny and cliche today, but who cares, right?

“Not I.” said the fly.