Ok, I am in a funk. And it’s been a bit hard to shake off. During times like this, I tend to be affected by the simplest things. Sometimes someone will simply be nice to me and I will melt. It also feels as though I see things more clearly…I’m not as jaded or cynical. It’s like, when I’m diown, the shell around my heart softens and melts away in some spots. I’m cuddlier with the girls and I want to savor every moment. Actually, I wish I was like this all the time. So, anyway, I’ve been so touched by the kindness of others…and since I consider myself in a bit of a delicate state (so NOT pregnant! LOL!) I feel it even more. So, I have a couple of thank you’s. šŸ™‚

First, Shabby Princess…this woman is amazing. Not only is she a total sweetheart in general, but she has never been anything but warm, caring, and helpful to me personally. She has been such a huge help and inspiration to me and this week she was over-the-top sweet. I simply cannot say enough good things about her. Heart of gold, that one.

And second, Lisa of Pink Lemonade Boutique. Not only is this woman crazy talented, she has been such a joy to chat with. The bag I ordered for Lara arrived today and it was such a thoughtful thing to receive. Covered with stickers and filled with teeny gifts and the sweetest note. Thank you so much, Lisa. You totally made Lara’s day (and mine!).


You see the adorable clip in Lara’s hair? Yeah, Lisa rocks! I am just so floored by all the kindness and the wonderful women I have met online. Just when I needed a pick-me-up the most, they come falling out of the sky. And just so this post isn’t too sappy, here’s a pic of Noodle.


Many things going on in this one…she was freaking out and wanted a snack, so I gave her a cracker, her butterfly tat is fading and her hair is at its finest. You would think that since I have 3 princesses, they’d be a little more..well….groomed, wouldn’t ya think? :0)