Wow, you guys are way too sweet! Thank you so much for all the amazingly nice comments. 🙂 You made my day! I hope everyone is enjoying the paper…and please let me know if you scrap with them! I’d love to see your layouts!

Here are a few new pages I did…I should have posted them MUCH sooner, but I completely forgot! I’m so scatterbrained! The first 3 were for my wonderful guest artist spot for Shabby Miss Jenn in August. She is so awesome and I really love working with her designs! Check out Back 2 School and French Attic!







This one is for Meredith Fenwick’s CT. She took a break in August, so the whole team has been itchin’ to have some new stuff! LOL! We were totally blown out of the water by her “Happily Ever After” kit. It is DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. You can get it HERE.



I’m busy busy making papers and getting things done for Songbird Avenue. We’ve got so many plans in the works…it’s a bit overwhelming, but it will be AWESOME when it’s done! I just have to find time to do it all! We’re still packing up…almost the whole house is in boxes. It makes it easier for us, though. The girls have a couple of boxes of toys they can get to, but other than that…we’re just too tired to pick up after them! :0) The essentials are out, though…Playmobil, Polly Pocket, and Barbie movies. So we don’t hear too many complaints. :0) We’re hoping to have the whole house ready to go so as soon as we get the green light, we can be out of here in less than 2 days.

And I cannot begin to describe how excited I am about England. I LOVED London…amazingly fun and friendly city. So, to get to live there is beyond anything I can imagine. The shopkeepers on Portobello Road will know me by name in a month. I’ll see to that. ;0)