I love the random things I have to say to Noodle. She’s a firecracker, that one.

Quick update: The freebies (Totally Tags & Such a Flake!) from Sunday night are now on sale. Thanks SO MUCH to all of you who stopped by and got to download it for free. (almost 1,000 downloads each!) I really appreciate all the sweet comments and I hope you have a great time using them! (And hopefully the tags will make your life easier!) We could ALL use a bit of that right now! 🙂 I really like the idea of offering my stuff for free for a limited time…it makes me happy. But the only way to find out about it is here on my blog. I won’t be advertising new products on the rest of the web til after they are on sale. So, be sure to check back often! 😉

It’s almost 10 am and the frost is still pretty heavy on the ground and my little sun room is NOT warming up, even with the space heater on HI. So, I think I may call it quits today as far as work goes…maybe I’ll get some chores done in a much warmer part of the house.

OH! I almost forgot…the kiddos had their Christmas play yesterday! Here are some horribly dark and fuzzy photos….it was pitch black in there! 🙂


The smile on my face was ridiculous…I was grinning and beaming like a total fool! Lara was so focused on her song and her little “sheepy head nods” while Mia looked like she had never heard the song before in her life! HA!

I’m off to hang out in the window and watch the backyard doves with Noodle. After that, I’m gonna get started on a new collection idea I hatched last night…..yummy things to come, for certain! Ciao, all! Happy Wednesday! 🙂