Seems a bit early for Valentine’s Day stuff, but since the stores had the goodness out way before New Year’s…maybe I’m late? 🙂 Not sure of that, but what I am sure of is how much I love this new paper pack! I tend to stray a bit from traditional themes…and I’m not a very mushy person. So, for someone like me, Valentine’s Day is a bit over the top. This is my take on all the other lovey-dovey mushy stuff out there. 🙂 Just a playful jab at the holiday. Get it? Jab? 🙂


And since I like to go all out for teachers and friends and such, I thought it’d be neat to make some printable goodies for everyone. I just adore these and I can’t wait to pass them out. There are 2 bag toppers (1 without a photo spot), a candy pocket, a tag, and of course some goodies to make your own labels and cards. The elements in this pack are completely different from the ones included in the paper pack.


Here’s a better gander at the cute stuff I whipped up with the printables pack.


Next up is a little dose of spring. January, flat out, is dreary around here. There are crocuses and daffodils emerging all over my garden and I want to encourage them with a little bit of sunshine. I think we could all use a bit of that right now! 🙂


You can purchase all the kits here:




And all those Hershey kisses are gone..they didn’t stand a chance. 😉 Happy Thursday!