Ok, this news, for me, is SO BIG that I don’t even know where to start. And I’ve been keeping it a secret for so long, that it feels kind of surreal that I finally get to talk about it! Ok….so here we go…deep breath…

I’m in a book. A REAL book, from Memory Makers. A bona fide, on paper, tangible, flippable, lickable book.


Here’s an excerpt from Audrey Neal’s blog:

P+P is all about hybrid scrapbooking — it features over 40 techniques, including really simple techniques for programs like Microsoft Word, to more advanced techniques for Photoshop and Photoshop Elements. It also features over 100 pieces of original, never-before-seen art from May and I, as well as our contributors: Cathy Pascual, Angela Daniels, Wendy McKeehan, Jackie Eckles, Caroline Ikeji, Amy Martin, Katrina Simeck, Jenn Olson, Linda Barber, and Kathleen Summers. In addition to all this hybrid scrappy inspiration, you’ll get 10 exclusive scrapbooking kits on CD from these amazing designers: Michelle Coleman, Lauren Reid, Jan Crowley, Katie Pertiet, Lynn Grieveson, Jen Wilson, Poppy Andrews, Jackie Eckles, Kim Christensen, and Tracy Ann Robinson, plus templates from Janet Phillips and Jen Caputo.

I cannot even begin to express how honored I was to be asked to contribute to this book. Audrey has such a strong and unique style that I knew I would love whatever she was doing instantly. And lucky for me, the Memory Maker booth at CHA next month will be having a book signing for the book’s release. I am really excited to meet Audrey, her co-author, May Flaum, and hopefully some of the other fabulous designers from the book. Also, there will be a “Paper+Pixels” blog coming soon with all kinds of fun stuff. I can’t wait!

You can pre-order the book HERE from Amazon, if anyone is interested! Also, tune in to the Memory Makers Editors blog for a chance to win a free copy!

K, that’s all I have for today. I hope everyone is having a great Monday!!

OH!!! And tomorrow is the debut for www.primahybrid.com! WOW! I simply cannot wait to see all the goodies they are going to have on sale!