I always feel like this before a trip…a bit stressed and scattered. But since it’s just me that’s going, things are way more small scale than they usually are. One person is much easier to pack for then 5! 🙂 So, I’ve definitely been keeping myself busy…designing, planning, listing, rechecking, etc. I wanted to post a new kit I just put up for sale before I leave, though. I know I’m not leaving for 2 days, but tomorrow will be booked solid while I travel 2 hours to see a doctor and then 2 hours back and then Wednesday, of course, I will promptly set into frantic frenzy mode while I pack, clean, and organize. So, here’s the new kit:


I really love this one…it’s soft and edgy at the same time…love that kind of juxtaposition. You can purchase the paper pack HERE if you’d like. 🙂

I’m off to watch Star Trek and I’m gonna grab some cookies and cream on the way. I hope everyone is having a lovely Monday! 🙂