K, so while I was off frolicking through aisles of scrapbook central, my youngest daughter was turning 2 years old. All Monday morning I felt wretched and I just wanted to talk to her. Sara Carling is the sweetest person EVER. She actually let me call my house (in ENGLAND, y’all) on her cell to wish the Noodle happy birthday. Hearing her voice was soooo sweet and I swear my voice rises 2 octaves when I talk to her. It’s ridiculous. I almost cried.

So, since I knew I was going to be gone, I bought all her party stuff ahead of time and had everything ready to go. The day after I got back, I made her cake and we had a little shindig for her. She had zero interest in her pizza. And was almost as unimpressed with her cake. Her eye was on the prize..the mega pile of gifts in the middle of the table. Atta girl!





I’m way into cake. It’s one of my mini hobbies. I have to bake cakes and cupcakes…I get these urges to frost something and it’s better to have cupcakes lying around instead of, say, a pet. I mean a pet is fine to frost if you’re into that, but I’m sure most pets, kitties especially, like to do their own licking.

Oh my…did I really just post that? WOW.