I know I’m lucky that I have an office, a place to work in and call my very own especially since we used to live in a shoebox-sized apartment with one bathroom whose visits weren’t very private. The little tikes had no qualms whatsoever about barging in on anyone and we made sure to remind guests to lock the door unless they wanted a visitor who was perfectly content to chat away at you while you sat frozen like a deer in headlights. But now that I’m altogether spoiled rotten and have a place that is just for me, it’s not enough. Don’t get me wrong, the space is plenty big and I love all the light, but now I have this burning desire to have it be PERFECT. Right now it’s just not flowing for me (and this is after 3 “rearranges”) and the space irks me.


So, today I am focusing on getting this place organized and functional. Not only do I design and run Songbird Avenue here, but this is also where I sew all my projects, where I wrap gifts, make cards, and house all my pretty things I’ve collected. I love everything in here…now just to get it all flowing right.





It bothers me that you can’t see all these pretty little vignettes because the room is too chaotic.

On the flip side, though, I am LOVING these photos. I have no idea why I never splurged on a camera before. The darn thing is just too good to be true. And to top it all off, I splurged on the Totally Rad photo actions and I am in photo heaven. I don’t do anything but click and “play” an action and all of a sudden I have a light-filled, fluffy confection of a photo. It makes me want to sew a little pillow/throne for the darn thing just so it doesn’t have to rest it’s tush on the hard surface of my desk. I can see where this obsession is going and it’s not pretty. It’s insane.