My to do list, that is. It’s kind of embarrassing how many projects I have that are “in-progress”. I got my office all rearranged and my feng feels very shui. I don’t have pictures yet, though. I’m thinking of getting some new furniture and I definitely want to switch out my IKEA desk for a pretty, antique table. My desk is perfectly adequate, but ya know…I need something a bit more gussied up. I also want a new couch in here. Right now I have an armchair, but I’d love it if all the kiddos could plop down and chat with me if they wanted to. So, no pictures, but I do have a few new things up for sale. They’re not new new. I’ve separated some of my kits and this is the first one that is offered up as a 4 course meal. You can have the solids, the patterns, the brushes OR you can pick up the entire kit. Kinda nice, huh?





So, if you don’t like the entire kit and, say, you just want the brushes, you are now completely free to do just that! It’s a rather exciting time in the life of Jan. Feeling the freedom of my own marketing, throwing caution to the wind and living with wild abandon.

Panties are hanging from the trees, y’all.