Yesterday Noodle was playing on the other side of my desk where I couldn’t see her and she would pop up every now and then to say HI! Actually, it was HEY!, but either way, it was darn cute.

The bulbs are peeking out in the garden and I am in HEAVEN. It’s been my dream to have flowers in my garden so I can go out, pick some and liven up my house with them any time I want to. (My obsession with fresh flowers gets rather expensive after a while.) But now I have blooms, guilt-free. Yippee!


I am also really loving my office. (I know, I know…I promise there won’t be too many more of these cheesy posts about my ridiculous fascination with… an office.) The best part, though, is that Noodle has plenty of room to play in here and she is always hanging out with me now.

“Hi Mommy. Want me to dance-y dance-y for you?”


“I can run over here and twirl around a bit!”


“Hey, wait…what’s this?”


“Well, whatever it is, it’s not as cute as ME!”


“Oh it’s a chair!…..I TOOT!”


“Ok, show’s over, people!”


“Didja like that Mommy? Didja?”


And when she’s not hanging out with me, she’s making sure I know she’s thinking of me. That usually consists of her dragging a chair over to the door and yelling at me until I fix lunch (This usually starts around 10 am)


She’s full of sass, that one. And I am having WAY too much fun with my camera. I’m sure there will be many more montages like this of the mundane details of our day. Sorry, I can’t help it 🙂

Speaking of scrapbooking products, (ooooh, smooooth…) I also have some new goodies in the store. 🙂 This pack is a bit different for me, but I really like the way it turned out. 🙂





You can pick up the patterned papers, the solids, the overlay or the entire kit from my store at Oscraps.

And yesterday, I decided to get some goodies for my office, so I stopped by Etsy. Ali posted on her blog about one seller and before I knew it, my shopping cart was full and I had to reel it in and decide on what I really needed.

vintage wallpaper from CitrusFaire:


vinyl wallpaper box from drawflowers:


bird flourish silhouette from r e m a k e :


So, that’s it for now. I’ve got a bunch of new products that are halfway finished and lots of behind the scenes stuff that I can’t really talk about yet. So, back to work! Hope everyone is having a fabulous Wednesday! Ciao!