“This looks like a nice spot to rustle me up some grub.”




“Let me strike a pose for the lady who should be working.”


I just really don’t get enough accomplished during the day. This is one of the drawbacks to being a room full of windows. The birds. These little turds are so darn cute and they play all day long and sometimes I just sit back and see what they’re up to. This one was about to get a ticket for loitering when I finally realized that he was just hungry. So he’s just hangin’ out, waiting for that poor unfortunate wormy worm to dare and peek out. After her got his snack on, he noticed me (and the big huge black thing I was pointing at his head) and he decided to skedaddle on out of here. ooh..now’s he back…my little feathery sentinel.

Ok, so on with things people actually want to hear about 🙂

First up, if you haven’t checked out Songbird Avenue‘s February kit, you’re missing out! It is jam-packed full of exclusive goodness. Susan Bartolini (Chef) is our guest designer and you really don’t want to miss this one!


Also, there is a scraplift challenge going on over at the Songbird Blog. There are lots of prizes to be had! Hurry and don’t miss out on this kit. Cuz come March 1st, it’s gone, baby!

And I’m still busy as all heck gearing up for a bit of a birthday bash. And I guess I should have clarified yesterday about my age. 🙂 I’m not actually turning 30. I’ll be 28, but it’s still getting closer to 30 than I would like. I can hear you now… “Geez, lady! Get over it!!” But I’m not one of those chicks who accepts age with grace. No siree. I’ll be fighting it tooth and nail until I’m too old to move. And then I’ll have my wrinkly old head transferred to a hot chick’s body when I can no longer walk.

It’s nice to have a springtime birthday, though. Spring is when I feel all refreshed and such. My body and mind move in time with the seasons and it seems like each year I start fresh and rejuvenated with spring and end up old and cranky by the end of it come winter. So, as much as I dread the birthdays, it’s nice to know that winter’s almost over and I move on.

As speaking of all that, here’s a sneaky peeky  of what’s in store…it’s a teeny peek, tho…don’t wanna give too much away. 😉


Ooh, I can’t wait!! 🙂