Just past the witching hour, I woke up to the most dreadful feeling~ panic. Panic is not a good thing to wake up to. Panic is right up there with fear on the “Horrible Ways to Wake Up” list. I woke up in a panic because I heard something rattling. Then it started to vibrate. I was wide awake. I swear I wasn’t dreaming! The rattling was from the medicine cabinet in the bathroom adjacent to our room and the vibrations felt like they were in the very walls. It lasted long enough for me to wake up, yell at my husband, ask him if he heard it, he did, and then I listened to it for a couple more seconds. And then I laid there praying it wouldn’t happen again.

It was the creepiest thing ever. I laid there for almost an hour. It took my heart that long to calm down. Was it an earthquake? Was it really just a dream? Was it aliens? Seriously, what was it?

I’ve searched the BBC’s website this morning to no avail. I’m gonna update as soon as I find anything. Holy beans, I was so scared!