Ooh, I’ve been a busy, busy bee today. Lots of emails and designing and packing and uploading and revamping. Ooh! I simply can’t wait to share with you! 🙂 Since most of that will all have to hold off til tomorrow, here are a couple of things I can show off.



Shabby Miss Jenn has released her Easter kit and it is a whopper! Look at how versatile it is! YUM! You can pick it up HERE. And you can see the full credits HERE.

And I really love the little chicky that comes with this kit, so I decided to put her on my desk. Sometimes I feel so weighed down with all that goes on. I just need to stop and take a breather and remember to take some time for myself. But most of all, I need to remember that I am strong. 🙂



So now when I get stressed, I can take strength from my inspirational little chicken. Everyone should have one. 🙂

I’ve got a ton work to finish upnow. Tomorrow I’ve got something extra special planned for my customers and then on Saturday we’re heading down to London. I wanna rummage through the Portobello Road market and see what I can find. And then on Sunday, I’m hoping to sleep in. That’s all I want for my birthday…to be lazy. How silly is that!?!? 🙂 Silly, but much needed!

I’ve been juggling so many projects at once that I’ll be glad when it slows down a bit. I’ve been working from morning til night and then some. But I have to say that I’ll be excited to announce some of it. Very proud of what I’ve been asked to do 🙂 Ciao, all! And have a thrilling Thursday!