I’m not sure what possessed me….insanity perhaps…to go through my huge box of photos today.

Back when I was a traditional paper scrapper, and back in the dark ages before I owned a digital camera, we used to print out all our photos so I could lovingly put them into scrapbooks. Since I started digi, these poor photos have gone by the wayside. Forgotten forever in a sea of neglect and dragged to the surface, every now and again, by the tides of my weak motivation.

So, I purchased a Memory Dock photo box and it arrived yesterday and today I thought it’d be fun to go through all my photos and get them neatly stacked away in cute little cubbies. Wrong, sister.


So very, very wrong. Although it is a total blast to go through all these moments in time and laugh and laugh and laugh….the sheer amount of photos is overwhelming. And I’m not sure if this box that supposedly holds a thousand photos is going to cut it. I gave up on trying to sort them by event and then by person. I just gave up and tried my best to put them in little piles by year alone. And even that was hard.

And, to top it all off, I have a hard time distinguishing between my baby girls. That’s so sad!! Not so much with Norah…but with Lara and Mia, fugetaboutit! Not only do they look exactly the same, but even I look the same in a lot of the photos. So I have to rely on the background, the interior of the house we were shot in, my weight…it’s pathetic!

And during the weekend, I failed to mention the really big upset.

Lades and Gentlemen, I blew up my sewing machine.

There. I said it. It sucks, but I did it. I plugged that American sewing machine straight into my British wall and it popped so loud I though I’d gotten hit by a truck. And then I did that graceful dance we all do when we &$*%# the pooch. I stomped around my house throwing benign, blunt-shaped objects (like pillows and blankies) and yelled at myself and called myself a thousand ugly things. The only good thing is that all you lovely, wonderful, amazing people who bought my grab bag have made my life just a little bit easier in the “I NEED TO PROFESSIONALLY REPAIR MY SEWING MACHINE AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT WILL COST ME” department. 🙂 THANK YOU!!

And ya know…blowing up the sewing machine didn’t really upset me too badly (although I do have things I want to finish, hence the blowing up part). The real clincher was when Photoshop decided it didn’t want to work anymore. grrrrrrr…

So that’s my Tuesday, in a nutshell. Now I’ve gotta figure out how much my sewing machine’s gonna cost me. I need to figure out what the heck is up with my Photoshop. And then I have to clean up my floor because I have cornered myself and I can’t get out. :)I sure hope your day is better than mine! 😛