Yesterday was a loooong day. The choir concert didn’t start til 6 and the chubkins are usually in bed by 7, so it was kinda hectic at the end. They didn’t get in bed til 9.

But Lara loved being “on the stage” as she’s been calling it. We all filed into the auditorium and found our seats at the very back of the theater (seriously…3 rows in front of the guy that does the thing that runs the thing). When the kiddos came on stage, we started waving at Lara til she saw us and her face was PRICELESS. She was sooo excited to see us. Mia stood up on the seat and waved and waved. This is how many kids there were. Can you spot Lara?


Of course you can’t. 😉 I have no idea what my cam was doing, but this gives you some perspective on how far back we were. The performance was called “Our Colorful World”…I think. The kiddos sang Colors of the Wind, It’s a Wonderful World, Purple People Eater, etc. Lara’s class sang a song about oranges.


And I love this one…HA!


I have no idea what she was so scowly about, but I’m sure it was the fact that she was super tired and her patience was wearing thin. It was a sweet show and we had a good time. Since we got home so late, we just slapped some quesadillas together and rushed the kiddos off to bed. We all woke this morning feeling under the weather. Lara has a sore throat and cough, Mia still has her horrible hacking cough thing, Noodle is swollen and puffy and cranky. Needless to say, we skipped school today in order to try and rest up.

I, however, scrapped.

The coolio kits I bought from Kristina Contes arrived (along with a sweet note that absolved me of my stalker qualities at CHA. YESSS!). I ordered some photos from Shutterfly and as soon as those got here, I got to work. I made a mess, my hands are covered in glue and ink and they are sore, sore, sore. Holy beans, I’ve missed paper scrapping! I finished the top album and I assembled the bottom album. Still waiting on photos to slap in there.














You can grab KC’s kits HERE. I seriously had so much fun.

While doin’ all this scrapperiferoo, though, I realized my tools are a bit dated. Not “so last season” dated, but old dated. My poor little circle punch can barely cut through a sheet of Hambly. BARELY. And that’s if I punch it over and over again about 20 times and then rotate the punch while it’s clamped down. SICK. So, I bought a Crop-a-dile today. Since it’s so nifty and handy and multi-functional and lime green, I think it will be a good addition to my stash.

So, that’s been my day so far. Just scrappin’ and drinkin’ joe and enjoying the sunshine. I hope everyone’s havin’ a rockin’ Tues.! Ciao, all.