They don’t really, but Thumper’s about the cutest bunny in cartoon land, so he gets quoted today. 🙂

Well, the van details have all been worked out. Our order is processed and we’ll have our new ride in 12 weeks. Yeah, that wasn’t a typo. We’re custom-ordering it from the States and it’ll take that long for it to be ordered, built, driven to port, hauled across the ocean, driven to the nearest pick up station, brought up to UK specs and then registered and yada yada yada. Fun, huh? We could have had one of the many vans in stock, but 1) none of them were orange and 2) they all had TVs.

I’ll prolly get labeled as a huge freak, but we specifically want a van with no TVs. We’re not big TV people. We have so many distractions in our lives that we feel having TV, too, would just send us over the deep end. So, we get our news via internet and our favorite prime time shows via iTunes. We still own a DVD player, but we highly censor what our kiddos watch and are exposed to. So, having them plugged into a DVD while we’re on a road trip just doesn’t go with our lifestyle.

And there’s something the shifty people at Dodge don’t want you to know. Those fantabulous seats don’t do ALL that is advertised. Oh, sure, they swivel and stow and there’s a nice table. BUT you cannot get them all together. You can either get the seats that swivel which come with a table OR you can get the seats that stow in the floor and don’t swivel. And no table. So, we chose to have the seats that stow in the floor. And since we’re not getting the table, which the kiddos couldn’t reach anyway, we’re gonna get these:


They’re in the PB Teen catalog, but I can’t find them on the site yet. It’s called the “Superstorage Lap Desk” and it’s perfect! The kiddos couldn’t even reach the table in the van if they wanted to (it’s made for much bigger people) so this is a perfect solution.

Then this morning, we had a bit of a surprise.


We’ve hit a bit of a snag as far as the easter egg hunt goes….trying to decide if we’re going to do it inside or send the kiddos out in their boots…


And I know the perfect kit I am going to use to scrap this photo!

Last night, we all sat down to decorate some yummylicious sugar cookies. I can’t stand the store bought dough, so I always make it from scratch (and boy is it yummy!). The girls did a lot of the decorating and they’re eggcited about giving them out as gifts. 🙂 We’re having 6 people over for a big lunch and the girls are calling it our “Easter party”.





If you were my neighbor, I’d bring you a box of them. 🙂

I’ve gotta dash. Lots of cooking to do before everyone gets here. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day and I hope you can be close to those you hold dear. Happy Easter!