I’m finding pastel colored foil wrappers everywhere. Yesterday was a fun day and all the food was yummy (even if I do say so myself) πŸ™‚ and we got to talk to family and friends. Good day, all around. The snow melted after all, so we hid the eggs and sent the kiddos outside. Lara was so sweet. We keep trying to instill in her the value of taking care of her younger sisters and she was leading Noodle around and getting her some overlooked eggs. πŸ™‚




The funniest part of Easter was when Norah woke up. I woke up around 6 and couldn’t go back to sleep (which is how I caught the new snow and blogged so early) and then I went upstairs around 7 to check on the kiddos. Noodle was the only one awake, so I got her up and dressed and then I put her down on the floor and it went something like this:

(spying the bag of goodies by her bedroom door)

Noodle: sharp intake of breath “Whassat?” whispering and pointing to the bag.

I go across the hall into our bedroom, sit on the edge of the bed and watch her, just to see what she does. At this point she hasn’t actually touched the bag and I don’t think she thought she was allowed to touch it. She just squatted next to it and then poked it a couple of times. Then she looked right at me and walked across the hall and shut my door. So, wanting to see what she’s up to, I go to open the door and she’s back there, squatting next to her goodie bag and she very softly whispers:

“Go away.”

Clear as a bell.

When I recover from my fit of hysterical laughter, I tell her to pick up the bag because it’s hers and she just lit up like a light bulb! She was sooo excited. I don’t think she was very confident in how long the event would last, so she just started shoveling the candy and chocolate into her chubby mouth as fast as she possibly could!

In other stuff, I was browsing online this morning at Etsy (my version of window shopping) and I came across a couple of really cool artists. One makes jewelry that’s really beautiful.

il_430xn21845172.jpg il_430xn22545884.jpg

And the other recycles old, odd bits and turns them into jewelry. I didn’t buy anything, though. I’m trying to be a good girl. We are gonna try to pay this van off as soon as possible so I am putting myself on a self-imposed budget. Nor more fun stuff and goodies and impulse purchases.Β  It’ll stink, but it’ll also be good for me. Although, I don’t know if the budget will extend to my Paris trip in a couple of weeks. Maybe I’ll just impose a “continental” budget. That way I can shop in the Paris flea markets. sigh… See? Told ya this was gonna be hard. I’m already making exceptions. πŸ˜‰