There’s just no stopping it, is there? The last 2 days have been decent (well, decent enough, at least, to let the kidlets run around the backyard for the majority of the day). Boot-scraping time not counted of course. So, today I ambitiously planned a picnic with some school friends for the girls. I should have known better. I should have known that we were due for a torrential downpour and the rain would pound down from the clouds and ruin it. Now, I have to come up with a creative alternative. Since it’s so rainy, the house is really dark and the only room that is bright at all is my office. So, I’m thinking of setting up camp in here. We can throw a blanket down, turn on some music, and the kidlets can pretend they’re outside. I’ts just not the same, is it?


In happier news, though, I’ve got 2 collaboration kits in the works with one of my fave designers. 🙂 One is almost finished and we’ve just started the second one. Man, I’m so excited! I think we make a pretty darn good team. Can’t wait to reveal!

And in even MORE exciting news, by this time next week, I’ll be on my way to Paris to hang with some awesome ladies, one very special hot mama in particular, and shop, scrap, eat, and sightsee, etc. SO excited!

So, that’s about it for today. I need to get crackin’ on our “picnic” and I have to pick up my house a bit. Ever notice how the house NEVER stays clean while the kidlets aren’t at school? They’re worse than tornadoes! 🙂 Happy Friday, all!