MANY emails and comments about the lunch picks have come in. So, I thought I would share where you can get them. The site, however, requires that you “prove” that you are eighteen by giving an electronic signature. We all know what that means. 😉 Sorry. But sometimes you have to wade thru the muck to find the good stuff. C’est la vie, eh? Just copy the “link” below and remove the spaces when you put it into your address bar.  I don’t want to link directly to it. I only purchased 2 items from this site. The rest you can find easily on ebay. 🙂

http :// www . jlist . com / PRODUCT / ASA188

DISCLAIMER: I cannot be responsible for any shady, offensive, or upsetting content you see at the site I am recommending. Please be advised that I do not advocate or promote this site in any way. This is just the place I purchased this product from and I cannot be held responsible. Happy shopping. 🙂