No, I haven’t fallen off of it. Close, though. 🙂

Hopefully, on Thursday, my life will slow down considerably. I’m eyeballs-deep in the site revamp over at Songbird Ave. It’s coming along nicely, but now it’s down to the nitty gritty…with the details and the fine-tuning. Thank goodness I have Lauren on this job. She has been an invaluable person throughout this project. And I simply ADORE Majestic. Makes it easy for a non-html savvy person such as myself to get around a site and manage it with ease. LOVE THAT. Like I really have time to learn another thing, right? 😉

And I promise as soon as I am done with this stuff, I have a gazillion photos I have to show you! I have some more garden photos and we’ve been to Bekonscot, St. Albans, Burghley House, and Gibraltar Point. MUCHOS FOTOS.

K, so back to work….just wanted to check in ad say howdy. Hope your Tuesday is awesome!

taken at Gibraltar Point