Observed, that is. Today there is no school. It’s a bank holiday in jolly old England. So, we’re having a relaxing very productive day outside. The car is washed, vacuumed and de-funked. The lawn is mowed, grass clippings raked. Patio furniture scrubbed and de-bird pooped. Broke out the paddling pool for Noodle. She hated it, threw many fits and then we realized it was way past nap time. Colin even scrubbed a mysterious stain on the driveway. (It’s still there, to his dismay.) Boy it’s hot here today. And not just “hot for England” hot. It’s pretty darn toasty. So, we’re going to grill every thing in the house that can be grilled and then I’m gonna bake an apple pie. We don’t really need a pie. We could just eat the cake I made yesterday. But pie, it is. Miss Mia has personally requested it.

Happy (observed) May Day, y’all.