Bekonscot was a total surprise for us. Colin only told us that we were going to see a village. What he failed to mention was that it was a model village dating from the 30’s. It’s the oldest of its kind in Britain. Pretty cool, huh? K, everyone had a tinkle? Good. Let’s go.

First up, let’s check out the nuns at work in their garden.

Watch out for the train!

Dang, that kid is cute.

This one’s pretty darn cute, too.

A view of the park from the entrance. (some of it anyway)

Leg of lamb, anyone?

I feel so so sorry for the folks in that post office.

Another view of the park.

Really cool half-timber houses.

Colin & Lara checking out the carnival. Not sure what Mia’s looking at.

From the large lookout point at the back of the park: this is the left side of the park.

And this is the right side.

Seriously cool model work, y’all.

Stopped to take a breather, have some slushies, and ride an antique, hand-cranked carousel.

Anyone up for a picnic?

Checking out the fish in the mote around the castle.

WOAH! These babies were about a foot long each.

Loved this. Makes me miss Germany.

A view of the carnival from behind it.

The Noodle Boodle.

This was the lake in the center where all the fish live. The maintenance guys put in some wires to keep the bird from feasting.

Love all the incredible details.

Me and 2/3 of the girlies.

This part was sooooo cute!


My favorite house in the village. I just adore that little gate and the conservatory!

Hee hee. 🙂

So, that was the long and short of it. All in all, it’s a really clean, well-preserved little family park. They even have a book, forever england, that you can buy with macro shots of the people. I checked it out in the shop but didn’t buy it because I knew I could get it cheaper online. It looks really neat.

After we finished at the park it started to rain, so we opted to not see the town and we just headed home. I hope you enjoyed this little photo tour. Ciao!