Gibraltar Point was something we thought we’d love. Going to the coast and dipping our toes in the sea… All was fine til about a half hour before we got there. The rain and the wind set in and it really made for a crummy day. It was just uncomfortable enough to make us want to leave. We did get to see the nature preserve and lots of birds and some really neat landscape. It reminded me a lot of Carmel, CA. Both places has a rugged, sorta wild look to them, not the typical beachy look.

We had even brought along a picnic lunch and were bummed that we weren’t going to be able to enjoy our tasty sandwiches on the beach. Oh well.

I tried to find the timer on my cam, but I totally forgot where it was. :)So we got two separate shots of the family.

From the shore, we walked back towards the information center.

And let’s just stop here and talk about Mia for a second. I love my daughters. I love them all very much. They just all have a different way about them. Like, take this incident for example. Noodle has fallen. Where is Mia?

Mia is looking at me.

And Lara, the ever-helpful one, is picking Noodle off the ground from her recent splat.

Now Mia is making a pig nose.

It’s contagious!!!

Ok, so we found a bench and Noodle had to try it out. This is her saying “cheese”.

Then she ran up to me and pretended like she was going to kiss me and then darted out of range.

So, we keep on walking. And lo and behold, Noodle falls again. (This happens quite frequently, ya know.) I don’t think I have ever caught a child “mid-fall” on camera before. So anyway, let’s see what happens shall we?

Oh there’s sweet little Lara being the best big sister a mommy could ask for.

Mia has not yet moved. Nor has she acknowledged the fact that the baby has fallen on her face.

Oh wait…she’s on the move…

Wait Mia…you’re walking past the accident.

Ah….she was just getting into another perspective.

Ah! Now she joins them.

Gosh, I love this photo. I just looooove it!

So, Colin and I get a little closer and we have a bit of a meeting in the path. Noodle is coming to greet me.

This is “CH”

and this is “EESE”

We went to the information center and they had a little gift shop. We bought some lemon drops and headed out behind the center to see the “river”. It was lookin’ a bit low. (Colin took these, by the way.)

We then strapped Noodle in to make our way back to the car. She hated it even with a homemade white chocolate & macadamia nut cookie. Hmph.

And that was it. That was our day at the sea. It wasn’t quite as impressive as I had hoped….I think we just need to find some better shorelines. Dover sounds nice.

Besides, Gibraltar Point is mostly a bird watching place. We were, by far, the youngest people there and we didn’t have binoculars the size of brooms, so we just didn’t fit in. Long live bird watching! Cuckoo ca choo! 🙂