Ok, I’m done updating. If you are wondering what the heck is going on, the last 6 posts are day trips that we’ve taken in the last month. And I just now finished posting them all. It took me almost 2 days!

Let’s get back to our regularly scheduledย  programming…let’s see…what’s up with us lately? I’m busy working on the June Songbird kit, trying to squeeze in some of my own designing in (there seems to be a severe shortage of new designs coming from me, huh?), we’re in the middle of spring cleaning. We’re being ruthless and taking it slowly. Room by room, this house is being purged. We have a ginormous box of books, dvds, and magazines that we are donating to the library. Another box is set aside for all the clothes that are going to the thrift store. We’ve done the garage, the living room, the hallway and our bedroom. I think tonight we are tackling the sun room. The sun room used to be my office.

To add to the chaos of the last few weeks, I decided to move my office into the dining room. I love love loved the sunroom, but it was just too darn bright in there. It got to the point where I could barely see my screen and I had a serious twitch in my lower left eyelid that was insanely annoying and so not conducive to work. So, I decided to move my office out of direct sunlight and lo and behold…gradually my freak eye calmed down. And now it’s completely gone. It was just so bizarre having a twitchy eye. I would press my fingers to my lower lid and hold it down so I wouldn’t feel the movement. But every time I took my hand away, i could feel it again. UGH.

Anywho, problem is now solved. No more twitching. Jan is happy.

So the sun room is now the playroom. We’re going to clean it out tonight and figure out just what kind of storage we’ll need in there. We don’t have a good mental inventory of their toys and games, so it’s kinda hard to judge what we’ll need til after we clean it all out… and sort it. *shudder*

So, wanna see my new office? ๐Ÿ™‚

The dining room table is about 4 feet behind my chair. I just moved the table so you could see the whole thing. You see my ladybug? Noodle made that for me at the gym daycare yesterday. I love it. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s a happy little bug.

My office is much smaller now, but I think it’s better. It’s much more efficient. I still have some very large boxes of scrap stuff that I need to go through, but I have a place for that. The hallway cabinet is where we kept the girls’ art junk. But since we’re going to move that into the sun room tonight, I’ll be able to use that cabinet for my scrap goodies. It’s the perfect size, too.

Let’s see…what else? Our van should be here in about 4 weeks. That seems like forever. What seems even stranger is that we have already been waiting 8 weeks. With all these trips we’re taking in a cramped car with no A/C and more noise than a helicopter can muster, the van seems like a million miles away.

And…I’ve started my own site. I’ve actually owned the domain for a while now, but I haven’t gotten the design the way I really wanted it. It’s only halfway done right now, but you are welcome to check it out so far. It’s not hidden or anything. ๐Ÿ™‚


It won’t be anything fancy..just a portfolio sort of site where you can find everything I’m doing. The blog is already linked up there, so if you want to change your blog roll you can do that.

Let’s see….anything else?

OH! How could I forget? Lara’s birthday is next weekend, but since it falls during their school break we are having her party this Saturday. We’re hosting a luau for her and 7 of her friends. I’m pretty excited. We got grass skirts, (I was bummed because in the description they were natural, but the ones I got are green. Oh well. Too late now.) leis, an 6 ft inflatable palm tree and tons of decorations. We are going to stage photos with all the girls so they can take them home. Oh! And we got a ukulele. ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m trying to figure out what we’re going to do for food, though. I have no clue. I’m going to make fruit kabobs, but after that I’m stuck. Anyone have any ideas? I’d be so grateful!

K, so I guess that’s about it. I need to get a few things done before Noodle and I go pick up the big girls. And then I want to get started on the cleaning a bit before Colin gets home. Ciao, all! Happy Wednesday! ๐Ÿ™‚