Yay! I’m so relieved that Songbird Avenue is back online and that there was no damage! Kinda scary when you think about tall the work you’d have to do to recover any lost data!

So, I’m totally thrilled about this month’s guest designer. Vicki Stegall. Her name just brings a smile to my face. 🙂 I started selling at Oscraps.com about 15 months ago. (I think I registered at the site right around my birthday last year). I was looking for a new site to give away my freebies at and I was rejected over and over again by the big sites. It was huge blow for my self esteem and I thought seriously about not designing at all.

But, in the midst of all that self-doubt and panic, a friend pointed me towards Oscraps. She told me how caring and professional and supportive the owner, Vicki, was. I was immediately interested and so I emailed Vicki and she took me on without a moment of hesitation. I instantly felt like I was part of her family. And when I was able to start selling my designs again last December, she was one of my biggest cheerleaders. And she still is.

Vicki works herself to death practically to keep Oscraps in tip top shape and to take care of all of her silly designers’ issues and mistakes (me, most of all!) So, when i say I’m excited about June’s kit..I mean that I’m thrilled. I’m ECSTATIC. Not only am I happy with the beautiful kit and to be working with another incredible designer, I’m so grateful that I have opportunities like this to thank those who have lifted me up in the past. I am truly grateful for Vicki’s friendship and support and it makes this kit that much more meaningful to me.

So, please help me support Vicki’s donation by purchasing this month’s kit. Be sure to read her bio in the “About Us” section for a very cool rundown on why she chose MercyCorps as this month’s recipient.

Thanks for listening. And thanks, as always, for your amazing support!