Noodle has many nicknames. Noodle, obviously. But she is also referred to as The Doots. It might have a subliminal connection to The Dude…we’re not sure.

This day, the Doots and I were just bummin’ around, eating popsicles and bowls of fruit. It was a good day.

I was peeking at her through the sunroom. She had no idea I was there.

A colorful rendition of “Winko Dars”.

Kicking at a bit of nothing on the ground.

Making sure it good and wiped away.

I set out the picnic blanket for her in the backyard and I was peeking at her through the kitchen window.

I then moved to hte back door and she caught me. Love this pic. 🙂

A sunny face smile. 🙂

Checking out the most delicious “pop picko” in the world.

A bit of stretching…for good measure.

Gnawing on the pop picko and checking in on what Mommy’s doing.

Finally noticing the camera and giving a loud, orange, pop picko-ly “CHEESE!

It was a very good day. 🙂