Today is absolutely gorgeous. I sent the older girls outside to play in the shade in our backyard. It was so quiet that I felt compelled to go outside and check on them and make sure they were still on our street. You know how kids are. And mine really like to wander. 🙂

Well, to my surprise, they were exactly where I told them to be and they had made a little camp, complete with bouncy balls, a hula hoop and rocking chair. They looked so incredibly sweet that I snuck back inside and grabbed the camera.

This is how I like my girls to be. Though, they’re hardly ever like this these days. Usually they’re screaming at each other, fighting over some ridiculously unimportant toy, or writing “you smell like poo” on each other’s notebooks.

I have to cherish these moments of sisterly companionship and relish every second of them.

I think I can already hear them tearing each other’s hair out now…