dude, i like design and stuff. and i, like, wanted to major in english but i couldn’t, like, cut it. so i went to this interior design school but, like, that wasn’t really my thing, ya know? so i got married and, like, started havin’ babies. i didn’t stop til i had 3, ya know?

K, so here’s the real deal. I found this love…this thing we call digi scrapping, and haven’t looked back. I am a 100% digi scrapper although I still like to get my hands dirty and make the occasional handmade card. 🙂 Funny enough, I am also a designer. You can purchase my designs at www.oscraps.com under the name “Queen of Quirk”.

Another facet to my design “career” is a little venture called Songbird Avenue, Inc. It’s a charity site founded by my partner, Meredith Fenwick, and me. Every month we work with different digital designers and artists to create a kit. The proceeds from that kit benefit a different charity every month. It is definitely a dream come true. To date, we have raised over $12,000 dollars that has been donated to the March of Dimes, the American Diabetes Association, the Fisher Center for Alzheimer’s Research Foundation, Love Without Boundaries, Toys for Tots, Make a Wish Foundation, Make a Wish Foundation Utah, and the Lupus Foundation of America.

If you’d like to reach me, my email is thequeenofquirk@gmail.com. I currently live overseas, so if I don’t respond immediately to you, no need to fret. It’s only cuz I’m in Beddy-bye Land.